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The Heritage Lottery Fund have granted £50,600 to enable us to launch our project on Poole, the First World War and its Legacy. With our team of volunteers, and our partners in the community, we are creating a brilliant new website.

Our mission is to provide resources on what the War meant to those who fought, to those who made munitions, nursed soldiers, manned fishing boats – all the Poole people who were involved.

We will then go on to chart the nature of post-war Poole. Those who mourned the 700 Poole men who fell, the returning servicemen – many of whom were damaged by the war and the women who had supported the war effort and were no longer needed. It was a time of great change that played a part in forming modern Poole.

There are different ways to get involved with the project


  • Volunteer in Poole History Centre

  • Tell us your family story

  • Research stories from your local memorial

  • Find out about our school information pack

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